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What we do...
  • Flat Panel Television Mounting Having a hard time locating that stud? Our specialists are experts at locating that stud, drilling, anchoring and mounting your flat screen plasma, LED or LCD TV with ease and confidence.
  • Home Theater InstallationGet that cinematic sensation from the comfort of your favorite armchair.  Whether in your den, living room or basement, our specialists can help you determine, select and install your ideal home theater experience.
  • Component Setup So, you’ve got your TV, Blu-ray, DVD player, home theater system, digital tuner and converter, cable or satellite box…now how do you get everything to work together?  Let our specialists navigate this often-intimidating terrain.
  • Custom Audio Video WiringThose wires a mess?  Unsightly?  Need them concealed?  Not a problem!  AV Concepts is able to corral, organize and explain to you what’s going on with your maze of wires.
  • Network and WiFi SetupIt’s all about connectivity nowadays.  Let our specialists upgrade your current network or wifi set up, program your internet enabled TV’s and AV equipment to allow for music and video streaming directly to your TV or home theater.  Keeping you connected is but one of our many goals.
  • Security Camera InstallationFeeling insecure? Let our specialists provide you with peace of mind as they skillfully install a wide variety of security camera equipment.